What's my background?


I studied photography and journalism in college from 2000-2004 and creative writing in graduate school from 2010-2011.


Working for others, I have:

Taught photography to college students; written for magazines and newspapers; created marketing materials for small businesses and startups; worked in a library; a gas station; Goodwill; a film darkroom; an ice-cream store; KonMari; a crisis center; and detassled corn.

Working for myself, I have:

Owned a portrait studio; Owned an estate liquidation business; Created educational products for starting a business; Created websites; Designed logos; Mentored & Volunteered; Freelanced in design and Brand Development; Coached Business Owners

What Can I do for you?

Marketing Alignment

- social media management

- growth strategy

- organization

- branding

- newsletter

- website

- copyediting

- funnels

- media outreach

- systems

- client nurture sequences

Digital Marketing

I can help you brand yourself online and develop a unique visual and content style.

I create branded images and captions for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

I also copyedit websites and blog posts to ensure a clear, concise message.