Resources for Serving Autistic
Youth in Libraries

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Everything a librarian or media specialist needs to understand Autism Spectrum Disorder, train library staff, and develop inclusive programming.

This book is full of easy, use-it-today advice for teachers and parents that a creative librarian can easily adapt to the library.


This book is a complete programming guide with step-by-step instructions for creating inclusive library services for children and teens with ASD.

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This brochure lists the sensory story kits available for checkout at the Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL.

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This webpage offers free songs, games, and printables for children with ASD.

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This article describes the services provided by the Brooklyn Public Library’s Child’s Place for Children with Special Needs.

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In this 10-minute training video, librarians see exactly what a library looks like when actively engaging patrons with autism.


This book covers a wide range of topics regarding library outreach programs for children with special needs.


These two infographics, which can be downloaded as pdfs, show simple ways to interact with and support children with autism.

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This tip sheet for parents of children with autism outlines tactics to prepare their child for a trip to the library.

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This article from the journal Children and Libraries includes a brief overview of ASD to help librarians understand how children with ASD process and understand their environment.

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This blog post explores how libraries can support young adults with ASD as they transition out of public services at age 22.

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This series of training videos and documents are intended to educate public librarians and staff about ASD, suggest programming, and give all the tools necessary to start a sensory storytime program from scratch.