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Achiever Marketing Tips

Ideas for using your Achiever strengths to market your products and services.

You have a constant need for achievement and begin every day anew, eager to accomplish.

If you identify with this, daily content may be a good strategy. While most people will burn out trying to create fresh content every day, this is your strength, and you should embrace it.

A blog or video channel may be a better idea than just social media posting since you will have no problem showing up regularly. You also may be able to maintain a daily (or close to) newsletter.

Consider being the expert voice in your field. Not only can you create your own content, but you can curate content in your field such as articles, videos, and news.

On busy days, weekends, and holidays, plan to post simple updates to your social channels opposed to long-form content. That way you'll have accomplished something for your marketing goals without sacrificing much-needed downtime.

For traditional marketing, consider making 3 daily calls or emails. Two to thank someone, one to ask for something. Networking will grow your following organically and increase your reach.

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