• Joni Jeffries

Activator Marketing Tips

Ideas for using your Activator strengths to market your products and services.

You are impatient for action. You believe that only action can make things happen.

You learn through action, and the best way to approach your marketing is to start doing it. Now.

Whatever content you have and wherever you've decided to show up, begin posting and adjust your strategy along the way.

Familiarize yourself with analytics so you can make quick, informed decisions about content.

Overthinking strategy is going to drive you nuts. If you're a part of a marketing team, be the person who gets things done and moves projects forward. You'll hate anything redundant and unnecessary (all those meetings!).

If you're a soloprenuer, follow your curiosity. Let curiosity be your driving force. You can always pivot if the thing you're trying (such as a newsletter), isn't resonating with your audience.

To dive deeper:

Box of Crayons

- Coaching is the essential leadership behavior.

Read to Lead Podcast

- If you love reading, then you’ll love this podcast. If you desire to stretch and grow by reading more but haven’t been able to make it happen, then you’ll find encouragement here. And in the meantime, learn more than you ever thought possible.

To learn your CliftonStrengths, visit Gallup.

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