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Adaptability Marketing Tips

Ideas for using your Adaptability strengths to market your products and services.

You live in the moment. You don't see the future as a fixed destination.

You may not need a content calendar, and if you use one, will find yourself abandoning it for ideas and content that are more timely and relevant to what's happing now.

This is a great strength to have when it comes to social media. Your content will always feel fresh and relevant, because it is!

Lean into this. Ask your followers regularly what they would like to see next and deliver.

This happens to be one of my top five and the reason I never create content too far in advance (never more than a week). Whenever I do, I end up abandoning it, so why bother!

If you want to create a consistent branded image, you can create images in advance and allow your write captions on the fly.

To learn more, check out these resources:

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